CNC Dressing CAM


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CNC Dressing CAM

Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software assists in mechanical drawing for dressing grinding wheel



Draw parts without any CAD/CAM knowledge

  • Using Absolute Coordinate (X, Y) or Incremental Values (Angle, Length) for drawing
  • Easy to fillet and chamfer between segments (Line, Arc)
  • Automatically fixing the coordinate values involved in drawing modification including fillet and chamfering values

Create accurate and efficient toolpath

  • One-way, Zig-Zag dressing function and more
  • Generate efficient toolpath especially for fillet and chamfering processes
  • Modifying dimensions after the process setup, it is automatically reflected in machining process


  • Time and cost-saving benefits by simplification of polishing process
  • High precision and quality products

Testing Video

Surface Dressing/Grinding






Profile Dressing/Grinding



Example of NC Programs


Application Case