Camshaft Grinding Machine and Software


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Camshaft Grinding Machine and Software

Machine and Software assist in mechanical drawing and the production of Camshaft




  • CNC grinder for non-circular and cylindrical grinding operation in roughing and finishing process.
  • Large number of variants available for production requirement 
    • - Various machine framework, X, Z Axis range of travel, grinding wheel size, and other units available
    • - Gantry loading/un-loading robot available (Optional)
    • - Cam profile measuring unit and software (Optional)


  • Design camshaft by creating/editing dataset
    • - Effective and easy to use
    • - Virtual machining simulator for verification and machining error avoidance
    • - Easy to modify design
  • Create accurateand efficient toolpath
    • - 5 steps of infeeding setup available
    • - Angle dividing function from 0.01° to 10°
    • - Cubic-Spline Interporlating function up to 1° for smoother curve and smaller error

  • Expectation
    • - Time and cost-saving benefit of camshaft designing
    • - Manufacturing cycle time efficiency
    • - High precision and quality product
    • - Able to customize manual grinder into a CNC grinder at minimal cost

Testing Video

Application Case

TOYOTA CNC Machined Grinding Machine for Modern Cam Grinding